StudyKosh (Complete Overview)

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GROWTH in life is directly proportional to the SKILLS one owes

Learning is always a challenging task, but it is extremely rewarding way to promote learning amongst the students of any age group. Online cum Offline education nowadays are much-respected modes that students can adopt to learn any topic or to get any certification. Keeping this fact in mind, StudyKosh is designed with all courses available in almost every approachable field with a flexible and easy to learn way so that every learner can grasp it easily and permanently. The students are increasingly adopting the trend of online learning as one of the most suitable alternatives to achieve and score good marks. We are an online cum offline education portal, created to provide the quality education in the modern ways to the children in remote as well as urban areas, who want to study and lack in a proper channel to learn. There are offline modes of learning for the areas and students who cannot get regular internet connectivity but want to study. In this case the courses can be downloaded and played in the device.

At StudyKosh you can:

•Flexible study time.
•No rushing.
•All lectures are to be downloaded once.
•Schedule the topics as per your comfort.
•Ample active duration offered to complete the course.
•No active internet connectivity required everyday.
•Reduced cost of study.
•Your home becomes your center for study.
•Repeat any topic, if not clear.

Courses for School Children :  

1. Public Speaking For Children (Overcome Stage Fear) 
2. MEMORY SCIENCE – How To Boost Your Memory? (Hindi)
3. MEMORY SCIENCE – How To Boost Your Memory ?(English)
4. Complete Grammar A-Z
5. Photoshop  
6. MS Excel  
7. Complete Accounts (Beginner to Advanced)
8. YouTube Marketing & Ads  (Hindi)
9. YouTube Marketing & Ads (English)
10. How To Create A Website ?
11. Instagram Marketing (Hindi) ( Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live)
12. Instagram Marketing (English) Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live
13. Complete Python Programming

Courses for College Students/Professionals: 

1. Adobe Photoshop PRO
2. MS Excel  
3. Basics of Accounts
4. Tally.ERP 9
5. Complete GST
6. AutoCAD
7. YouTube Marketing & Advertising (Hindi)
8. YouTube Marketing & Advertising (English)
9. Instagram Marketing 2023 (Hindi) ( Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live)
10. Instagram Marketing 2023 (English) ( Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live)
11. How To Create A Website ?
12. How To Create A Professional Website ?
13. SEO
14. Complete Copyrighting
15. How To Brand Your Business
16. Grammar A-Z 
17. Import Export

Govt. Exam Preparation Courses:

1. Indian Polity (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)
2. Indian History (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)
3. Quantitative Aptitude (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)
4. Logical Reasoning (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)

Courses for Girls/Home-Makers

1. Beauty & Wellness

Special Courses

  1. Academic IELTS      (English)
  2. Academic IELTS      (English + Hindi)
  3. General IELTS          (English) 
  4. General IELTS          (English + Hindi)

Certification Criteria

Step 1: Enroll in the course.
Step 2: Complete the course.
Step 3: Take up the test.
Step 4: If you score min 60% score or above in the test, then only you are eligible for the certificate. Else, take up the test again.

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